About HXM

High Expectations Marketing is a strategic marketing agency providing complete marketing, communications, and advertising services for emerging and unconventional business categories. We are a team of marketing professionals with over 15 years of experience in helping businesses grow and thrive.

Combining advanced strategy with cutting-edge design, strong SEO, robust media, and comprehensive analytics we deliver world-class marketing campaigns that drive results and drive you and your business on the road to success.

At HXM we have a personal interest in the marketing of medical marijuana and other cannabis and hemp-related products and services.  We at HXM understand the complexities of this new and expanding market and the challenge of building a successful marketing strategy in such a rapidly changing environment.

HXM’s micromarketing strategy focuses on a small group (or groups) of narrowly targeted consumers in niche markets. Products or services are marketed directly to target market segments based on readiness to purchase a specific product or service. Careful research and analysis ensure relevant direct communication delivered consistently via appropriate channels.

Target Consumer Analysis:

Identify the need and your target market segments.

IMC Objectives & Strategies:

State marketing objectives and develop an integrated marketing and communications (IMC) strategy for each target segment.

Marketing Mix:

Determine the most effective and efficient marketing mix of advertising, public relations, promotions, sales, direct marketing, and/or events.


Develop innovative design and messaging to inform and engage your target market segments.


Evaluate all media to determine the best mix of traditional, digital, and/or social media. Develop a media strategy that delivers consistent communication to your targets.

Analysis & Evaluation:

Agree on benchmarks, data, and other outcomes to be measured and analyzed for frequent evaluation and constant improvements.